Warp Warrior Foo

The Warp Warrior Foo.

Card Type: Fighter Card

Creator: Ben


The Warp Warrior Foo is a cyborg foo that was one of 10,000 of his kind, produced by the Homeworld Robotics Corporation to produce powerful soldiers. A Warp Warrior Foo is engineered to be a Light-type fighter, with very quick and very powerful attacks. They can also fly with super-powerful air jets built into their feet.

Warp Warrior Foos are used mostly in the ongoing battle to vanquish Zantarclon. However, the Foo empire has also used them in several Fifi wars, and to great effect.


Light, Metal


BA: 3,000

HP: 65,000



PP: 3

POW: 5,000

Holo SwordEdit

PP: 3

POW: 8,000

Cosmic BombEdit

Destroy one field card. PP: 2

Cosmic SnareEdit

Render the next card that attacks this one unusable for the rest of the duel.