Super Brown Ultra MF Fifi

A vandal has transformed this once-good card into a junk card.

Vandalism is the act of taking a FotF card and editing it to make it useless or farcical when it was not meant to be. Often, this is done as a prank or a joke to someone else.

Vandalism, more often than not, turns a card into a Junk Card, rendering it completely useless. Powerful and rare cards, for this reason, are often targeted.

Methods of vandalismEdit

The most common form of vandalism is addition- that is, adding in unwanted details to a card's image. Vandals can add mustaches, glasses, or beards to the subject of a card. Or they may add many things to change the card completely- for instance, taking a Common Foo and adding a hook, pirate hat, and eyepatch to turn it into a Pirate Foo.

Vandals may also change text of the title, attacks, power, or effect to make it junk material. For instance, an attack that causes foes to be stunned for a turn may be changed into something with an effect something along the lines of "Eat a piece of cheese".

It is also a common form of vandalism to change attack numbers. Powerful attacks may be changed to lesser ones; this is often done by taking off zeroes from the end of the number.

If the text is written in pen and cannot be removed, vandals may use masking tape to cover the text, then write over the tape. This is a very dirty vandalism trick- should the card's creator try to remove the tape, cards will often rip and be destroyed.


Self-vandalism is the act of taking a card (often a copy of one or a printed-out card) and modifying it to the way you see fit. This will often produce hilarious results. Another name for cards edited this way are "custom cards".

Self-vandalism can be used to the player's advantage- it can be used to turn weak cards into battling machines. However, many people see this as cheating.

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