The Zark Squad is the most professional and advanced (and thus the most feared) crew of space pirates currently roaming the galaxy. They are led by the foo Rale, and the crew consists of all sorts of species. The Zark Squad makes their own weapons, and these are very dangerous - much more so than any on the legal market.

Anyone in space needs to watch out for the Zark Squad, because once the Squad sees them, there's no escape.


Rale is the Foo who founded the Zark Squad. His motives for doing so are mostly unknown, but it is known that he has a very strong attraction to gold. He'll do anything for it. This is most likely why he became a pirate.


The Zark Squad uses a wide variety of custom weapons, all of which are feared by most. Those that don't fear them are most likely going to end up on the wrong end of them.

Plasmax KnifeEdit

A long, plasma-enhanced knife that can cut through most metals. The length and shape of its blade can be adjusted.

Twister SpreadgunEdit

A powerful laser weapon that blasts out a funnel-shaped barrage of lasers. One shot of this gun can wipe out many foes at once due to its range. Also, since it fires lasers, not bullets, it can cut through many things, including most types of armor.

Forbidden Ray PistolEdit

Nicknamed the FRP (which is pronounced "frip"), this pistol fires a single ray which has been enhanced with special technology. This ray can cut through any type of magically or technologically generated force shield or barrier. It is also not affected by most magical powers. This is a very dangerous weapon, since very little can stop it.

Planet DematerializerEdit

A powerful bomb that rends the bonds of all molecules affected by the explosion, and these molecules will then create a chain reaction that breaks the bonds of all molecules around them. This reaction will continue until there's nothing left to stop. This is arguably the most feared weapon of all time; it can destroy entire space fleets or planets in one fell swoop.