The sacred Snowman of Frogg is a very special snowman - it is the Source from which all Ice power originates. Since its creation, it has never melted; it was built on the planet Frogg by the ancient Froggians, and it has since been transported to the frost planet Zeroth so that it will never melt.

All foos and other creatures who use the Ice power in their abilities hold the Snowman in high regard. If anyone were ever to destroy it, Ice powers would forever disappear.

Original textEdit

Derrfrigion, the All-Seeing Foo who Has Mastered All Powers, wrote this of the Snowman in his sacred text, Mastery of All Things:

The wrist of the snow is man of or of the eye. The digit is the eye, is a man, but the eye of the wrist of the snow is not or, is a man! where frog and man, frog. Frogg.

Derrfrigion followed his text on the Snowman with this, possibly his most famous words:

We do not see that we were with vestment, but each day, it is the spoon that robs. For the spoon a pitchfork without teeth is only one, a useless utensil that is due to launch to the flames. The burning hot fire of the spoon is what actual olds 1-year old, those apart from our age groups.

This text may have been written on the Spoonian Spoon of All Things, which he carried with him and often wrote about.

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