The Great Bo Which Devours All

The Great Bo Which Devours All.

The Great Bo Which Devours All is a Fighter Card created by Ben.


The card shows a very large, unusually grotesque Bo- a far cry from their usually cute appearance. This odd depiction may be a farcical prod by Ben at the Bos themselves, which were created to be a ripoff of Foos.

The Bo is advancing up a larg hill with its tongue out, preparing to make a meal out of the unfortunate fifis and stickmen in its wake.




The card has a BA level of 5,000 and an HP level of 60,000.



Stun the foe for 2 turns.

PP: 2

POW: 10,000

Giga StampEdit

PP: 3

POW: 15,00


One-hit kill. Undodgeable.

PP: 1

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