Sneppiresias is a guru of sorts, and he is the wisest of all Neppers. For this reason, many neppers, as well as many other creatures, come to see him when they seek information.

Sneppiresias has been cursed to have immortality and agelessness, and he has also lived as both a male and female nepper during his existence.

Agelessness and ImmortalityEdit

Sneppiresias was cursed to live forever at some point during his existence, and because of this, he has existed for almost four thousand years.

Most believe that he was granted his immortality by the Spoonian Spoon of All Things, which thought he was incredibly intelligent and wanted his great mind to be a guide for all ages. There is much debate, however, as to how it really happened.

Gender ChangesEdit

In his long existence, Sneppiresias has lived many periods of time as both a male and female nepper due to frequent run-ins with the cursed Fifi lovers, Bill and Jill, who were cursed by the evil and crafty Foo wizard Xineoph to have horrible things happen to all who looked at them.

Because of his existence as both genders of neppers, Sneppiresias is knowledgeable of every aspect of existence, which no one else is. This is why he is often sought out by Foos, the males and females of which are almost completely different in every way.

The Glaceau SistersEdit

Sneppiresias is the father of the Glaceau Sisters, whom he produced himself via telepathic parthenogenesis. He concentrated very hard, and he was able to turn his sheer mental power into other sentient beings, all of whom are, of course, very knowledgeable: Mandy, Holly, and Lucia.

Some believe that Luxa Glaceau is the mother of the Glaceau Sisters, but these people are mistaken. She is only their guardian. Sneppiresias is the closest thing to a parent that the Sisters have.


Many believe that Sneppiresias also contributed to Derrfrigion's book Mastery of All Things, due to the fact that its writing style changes considerably for the better for several of its chapters, most of which deal with curses.


Sneppiresias lives on Khatru, an uninhabited moon orbiting an unnamed ice planet in the massive Rigg system. Anyone who wishes to see Sneppiresias for advice must seek out Khatru.

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