Snep Aircraft Carrier

The Snep Aircraft Carrier.

The Snep Aircraft Carrier is a fighter card depicting a large aircraft carrier.


The Snep Aircraft Carrier depicts an aircraft carrier floating on the sea, with many neppers aboard. One nepper is manning a pair of large guns; one is flying a plane, and two more are within the carrier, manning its controls. Another one is operating the carrier's watchtower.

The carrier bears the Snep Crest, signifying its alliance with the Republic of Snep.


This card is both Water and Flying type.


The card has a BA level of 10,000 and an HP level of 100,000.


Aircraft DeployEdit

Deal 1000 bonus damage to a field card.

PP: 5

POW: 15,000

Water CannonEdit

OHKO (one-hit KO) to Fire-type cards.

PP: 3

POW: 20,000


Increase the Attack of this card and another in your hand by 5,000.



Snep Farm- Any Neppers in play while this card is on the field have their HP doubled.

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