Jack Fifi Card

This card is obscenely overpowered. If every card you make is like this, you'll be seen as a cheater.

Overpowering refers to the act of giving a Fighter Card an obscenely large amount of stat numbers, especially in the POW of their attacks. Effects, powers, and attack side effects can also be overpowered. This is an act that makes the game not fair and thus less fun than it should be. 

An ideal FotF deck should include very few extra-powerful cards, and those should be very rare ones. Most of your cards should have low to moderate levels on their stats. If you've got a whole deck full of killing machines with 100,000 POW, you've overpowered your deck.

The following article will provide a list of rules of thumb that you can use to make sure your cards are not overpowered.

General StatusesEdit

These statistics show what is most common for most number-based statistics for cards. Sticking to these will help you to avoid overpowering your cards.

Basic StatsEdit


Ba should be kept at a very minimal level. It should never be any higher than the weakest of a card's attacks. It should never exceed 10,000 at the very most, and is usually no higher than 5,000.


HP should usualy be higher than any of the POW of a card's attacks. A card should be able to withstand several attacks before being KO'd.

Usually, HP levels are somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000. Only if a card is designed to be very, very rare should it exceed this.


Attacks are variable. Depending on how powerful they are meant to be, they can cover a wide range of POW levels. Usually, weak attacks are somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000. Medium attacks are between 10,000 and 15,000. Strong attacks are between 15,000 and 25,000. If any attack goes higher than this, it should only go to about 35,000 at the very most. Also, it should NEVER have an effect if it is anything higher than 25,000. This is overpowering.


Effects can be almost anything, so overpowering an effect isn't always that bad. However, it can be done. Overpowered effects include:

  • Destroy half of your opponent's deck. An amount of destruction this high is simply overpowered.
  • Win the game. Should explain itself. Automatic wins are a big no-no, unless there's some insanely improbable condition for them.


Powers, like effects, can also be overpowered. Here are some examples:

  • This card is invincible. An invincible card is very hard to destroy, especially if the player chooses not to place it on the field. They shouldn't be made.
  • When this card is killed, automatically restore all of its stats. This is essentially the same thing as being invincible. It can't be destroyed.

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