The Glaceau Sisters are the three parthenogenic children of the great Nepper guru Sneppiresias, whom he produced from thin air with sheer concentration and mental power. Their guardian is the renowned scientist Luxa Glaceau, and they're every inch as smart as she... for the most part. The Sisters, along with the Foo Birion, are credited with creating the game known as Fight of the Foos, both in its actual physical form and the much more docile card game adaption. They are also world-class fighters themselves, and together they have developed six different martial arts.

There are three of the Sisters: Mandy Glaceau, Holly Glaceau, and Lucia Glaceau. 


The oldest of the Glaceau Sisters. She isn't the smartest, but she's tough, so don't mess with her.

Mandy created a martial art known as Man-Chi, which is renowned for being a very efficient and yet powerful battle technique. Only she, Skye Electra, and Nes Garrow know this technique; no one else has ever come close to figuring it out,


The middle child of the three sisters. She did most of the thinking when Fight of the Foos was being created. Using her gift of knowledge, she created every aspect of the game, and during this time, she compiled her famous book, The Glaceau Guide, which explains everything anyone who wants to play the game must know.

Unfortunately, in a horrible hyperspace accident, Holly lost almost all of her intelligence. She's now quite truthfully a bumbling airhead, and possibly on the threshold of lunacy.


Of all the Glaceaus, youngest Lucia had the worst fate- her mother put her consciousness into a massive supercomputer during a fit of madness. She now literally is the computer. Lucia is the most powerful computer ever created, with the power to read minds.