Foos are chipper little critters, but you won't want to mess with 'em... they know martial arts!

The Foo race is a sentient species inhabiting a small, space-faring planet known as Foopiia. A general foo citizen stands just over a yard tall, but believe us- they can come in many other sizes. Foos have many likes and dislikes, but among their favorite activities are fighting, sparring, and practicing the many martial arts they know. After all, they were born to battle!

History and EvolutionEdit

After crawling out of the tidepools, Foos were truly a miserable race. They were small, roundish, stubby, and naked as jaybirds. But once they digured out how to craft suits for themselves, they were all set toward a very bright future. Over the years, as the foo species moved forward in technology, the quality of their suits began to increase as well, including innovations such as built-in air conditioning, barcode readers, the likes. But that wasn't all- the suits would go on to be used for much, much more.


Stylish Suits

Foo suits come in all shapes, sizes, and types, and can be modified to be used for almost anything.

A suit is to a foo like a trusty pair of boots to a cowboy. It's essential. Necessary. And oh, let's not forget- they're just plain stylish. It's the suit that makes the foo.


The most essential component of any suit with style, the spike is a handy tool used for many things. It's exactly what the name implies- a hard, pointy thing that's usually on top of the foo's head.

A spike can be used for almost anything that hands and feet can't, from opening cans to unscrewing sockets to hanging clothes. But the most prominent use of the spike- and the most important to Fight of the Foos- is its value in battle. When charging forward, foos can deliver a painful stab with the tips of their spikes.

Many spike innovations have been developed to aid a foo in battle and give an advantage against lesser foes. These include multiple spikes, longer spikes, and stainless steel spikes that pack an extra punch.

Other suit add-onsEdit

Other foos don't prefer spikes, so they'll often buy suits on which spikes have been swapped out with other things. Popular choices are hat racks, food processors, and wigs.


You aren't going to meet a lot of unfriendly foos in your life. Most of them are happy, jolly individuals that only show anger of any sort in the heat of battle. But there are a few who don't; these have a special name applied to them: jerks. Stay away from them, but that should go without saying.

When fighting each other, foos can usually recognize that they are friendly opponents rather than malicious enemies. They'll only get nasty when they end up fighting a member of another species, especially fifis. Foos highly dislike fifis, for reasons we can't understand.