A Common Fifi From A Parallel Universe, If only the Foos from this universe could meet them

The Fifis are a race of friendly (if not a bit mischievous) two-legged creatures that inhabit Homeworld, the same planet as the Foos. They are one of three intelligent species to inhabit the planet- the other two being foos and rees.

Their lack of arms limits them somewhat, but much like foos, they have a desire to battle, and they won't hesitate to pick a fight.


Fifis evolved at the same time as foos, and they didn't like what they were seeing. While foos began to get things such as arms and suits, fifis were stuck as their small, armless selves. They couldn't craft suits due to the fact that they had no arms or lips (like rees). They could only sit back and watch as the foos built cities and developed technology around them.

One day, however, a megalomaniacal fifi known only as Inferior Z snuck into a neighboring Foo city and stole a very sophisticated piece of technology- the Levitron Headress, which allowed its wearer to control anything around it telekinetically. With this new power, Z rose to power, and he soon became the king of all the Fifis.

Z's levitation allowed him to build many things for the fifis, including many special types of weapons. It is this power that has allowed the fifis to rival foos in technology.

The ultimate goal of the fifi race is to eliminate all foos and take the territory of the planet for themselves.


Fifis, despite their ultimate goal to destroy all foos, are generally very peaceful and happy creatures. They love to play and hide. They will eat almost any food. They are super friendly, if not a bit shy when first encountered- but don't mess with one, because they're tougher than meets the eye.


Fifis come in many different colors and shapes, but most look more or less the same- a characteristic round body with beady eyes and a large mouth, and two small, stubby feet.


Fifis, unlike foos, who are born with powers, fifis must take special actions to acquire a Type of any sort.

Some undergo long, intense training to get powers, and others gain their powers through use of special items and foods.