Dueling is the process of pitting two cards against each other. This process forms the basis of a Fight of the Foos Game. The key to winning the game is winning duels with your cards.

All three types of cards can be dueled: Fighter Cards, Effect Cards, and Item Cards. COmbinations of these cards pitted against each other in a duel entail different results though. In this article, it will be explained what to do in any situation of dueling.

Fighter vs. FighterEdit

The two fighters battle each other with their attacks. Also, their Effects and Powers are taken into effect at the beginning of the duel. When one is destroyed, the victor can either put his winning card on the field or back into his deck, at the back.

Effect vs. EffectEdit

Both of the effects are taken into action. However, if the effect of one affects the card it is dueling, this has no effect; these types of effects only affect fighter cards.

Fighter vs. EffectEdit

The effect of the effect card is taken into action, but it must then be swapped with another card from your Hand, preferably a fighter. It is, however, possible to play multiple effect cards against a fighter card in a row.

Item Cards in DuelsEdit

Item Cards are applied to Fighter Cards; thus, they cannot be played on their own. A foe's Fighter Card with an Item Card attached is simply regarded as a Fighter Card. It only has its abilities advanced.