Derrfrigion, the All-Seeing Foo Who Has Mastered All Powers.

The Derrfrigion Fighter Card (made by Ben) is a very rare and powerful Fighter Card that depicts the great foo monk Derrfrigion.


Derrfrigion, the All-Seeing Foo Who Has Mastered All Powers, was a very enlightened Foo monk who trained to become a master of all Types. He also is known for being the holder of the Spoonian Spoon of All Things, the object which generated all of the Sources for most Types.

Derrfrigion's colors denote that he has mastered almost every Type in existence. He currently holds the record for most Types mastered, and no one else in the universe knows how he did it. Nowadays, the most types anyone can ever master is three.


Noral, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Light, Dark, Psychic, Earth, Dragon, Hounouran, Paktogran


The card has a BA level of 5,000 and an HP level of 100,000.



Burn the foe. He loses 2,000 HP every turn.

PP: 3

POW: 15,000

Hydro SurgeEdit

PP: 3

POW: 20,000

Grass SeedEdit

Restore 10,000 HP to all your cards on th field.

PP: 2

Hounouran ZapEdit

Double damage to Dark-type cards.

PP: 3

POW: 15,000


Quick Ninja: Always go first.