The DOOM Nut.

The DOOM Nut is a fighter card depicting a powerful, evil nut.


The DOOM Nut is a powerful, evil villain. He has the power to create electricity with circuitry inside his mechanical body. He wears a green sheet to hide his inner mechanisms. A tall screw protrudes from the top, almost giving him the appearance of a foo.


This card is Electric-type.


The card has a BA level of 20,000 and an HP level of 65,000.


Photon ShotsEdit

Deal 20,000 to all cards in the oponent's Hand.

PP: 3

Particle BeamEdit

PP: 2

POW: 50,000

Photon ArrayEdit

Deal 25,000 to all cards on the field.

PP: 2

Big BangEdit

Stun the target for 2 turns.

PP: 1

POW: 40,000


No Match- The opponent's basic attack is halved while fighting against DOOM Nut.


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