Bread Thief Rees

The Bread Thief Rees.

Bread Thief Rees with Yarmulkes

A colored version of the Bread Thief Rees produced digitally.

Bread Thief Rees is a Fighter Card created by Ben.


The card shows a scene of several wreas and rees carrying large sacks and leaving a bread shop through the window in the dead of the night. They have stolen much bread from the closed store, and are proceeding to carry it away.


This card is Normal-type.


The card has a BA level of 4,000 and an HP level of 31,000.



The next card played will dodge the opponent's first attack on it.

PP: 1


Take a card, but you can only take it if it is a fifi, nepper, or ticken.

PP: 3

Power SlapEdit

PP: 5

POW: 6,000


Bread Blight: The opponent cannot use bread as long as this card is in play.

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